Friday, February 14, 2014

Super Boost Your Soils Nutrient Levels!

My wife and I moved into our second home 2 years ago.  Love the lawn was hanging on for dear life!  3/4ths of the grass looked like it was dead and the other fourth was some sort of yellow-green, more yellow than green.
        I love a green, lush lawn so I set out to work to try to do a drastic intervention with our lawn.  I first aerated it to break up the hard compacted clay soil.  Then I applied a nice Spring fertilizer blend with pre-emergent.  It was Spring, so it was getting natural water...then I waited.  It greened up a bit, but was still looking pretty bad.  Was I going to have to re-seed?  Or just start over? 
       Then I remembered a product that I had used on our former lawn.  It was a Water soluble Fertilizer that contained Humic Acid.  Sounds dangerous doesn't it.  I assure you it is not, if you read the product application labels.  Basically they are small granuals like you see in the picture above.   So what exactly is Humus, and what does this product do?

Humic acid is a natural trace mineral, carbon, and humic acid based granular soil conditioner that acts as an organic chelator and microbial stimulator

It has a high concentration of trace minerals and organic acids, specifically humic acid, which improves the plant's ability to take in nutrients
Can be blended with fertilizers or used alone

Self incorporates with irrigation or rainfall

Product Benefits

Improves the plant's ability to take in nutrients

Increases soil carbon

Increases plant health

Improves seed germination

Chelates nutrients making elements available for a longer period of time

Improves aeration and water movement
       All of these are great benefits!  You see, normal fertilizer is great, but it is kind of like a band aid.  It provides a big boost of nutrients to your lawn for a month.  You see it start to green up, grow twice as fast, and then what happens...the nutrients are gone, and your lawn goes back to normal. 
        What this product does has LONG LASTING RESULTS!  The reason is because it actually goes into the soil and just to re mention a few benefits above:  Acts as an organic chelator...say what?  Chelating is the process of breaking up nutrients that are bound to soil particles.  The fact that they are bound means even though the nutrients exist, they won't release to your lawn, or garden plants and are thus useless.   This is the case with a lot of soils, especially clay soils.  You already have tons of nutrients in your soil, but they are bound up.  This product is priceless in that it opens up a gold mine of nutrients you already have, but have been bound up for so long!
      Second, It has a high concentration of trace minerals and organic acids, specifically humic acid, which improves the plant's ability to take in nutrients.  Now that the nutrients are free, you get an added bonus of trace minerals, organic acids, and humus that helps your plants feed on this new wealth of food.
      As you can see, this product is great!  Now back to my lawn crisis...I went and go this product applied it, and literally within 2 weeks our front lawn that was the worst in the block was now a dark lush green, not real full yet, but it was working!   Within another month it was dark green, lush, and full!  We got a few nice compliments from our neighbors, and our next door neighbor even asked me to get his lawn as green as ours!
       The backyard, was almost completely dead, but within 3 months, it was lush and green!  It was as though we had laid down sod over the existing grass.
       Last year, I had another success story with another neighbor.  Their lawn was almost as bad as mine was.  I quickly aerated it, applied a fertilizer, and then applied this humus granule, and then advised them to water a little more, as it was the Summer.   Within, 3 weeks their lawn was greener than both of their neighbors.  Not that this was the goal, they just wanted green grass!  Now that it was growing, they also asked me to begin mowing it bi-monthly.  Whenever I drove past their house, I had to take a semi-narcissistic look at their lawn.  It went from eyesore to eye candy! 
       This product will need to be applied twice a year, whereas fertilizers are often applied every month.  Please try this out and let me know what your results are.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  

P.s.  as you can see this product is Chinese.  Here is a link to a product page of local products.

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