Sunday, March 8, 2015

When designing your landscape, keep 5 things in mind for good results:
1. Contrast: Our eyes love contrast. Make sure to use differing plant, and structural colored items throughout your design.
2. Repetition: To avoid a "hodge podge" landscape make sure to repeat certain key elements throughout your landscape. This brings the whole landscape together and is pleasing to the eye.
3. Balance: Make sure to have either symmetry, or asymmetry in your design. We are trained subconsciously to look for balance in everything! We can tell when it's not there without being able to explain it in words most times. If balance doesn't exist in your landscape, it will be ugly to the eye.
4. Proportion: keep the elements of your design in proportion to your home, and property size. Besides, who wants a 120 ft. tree next to their 30 ft. tall home during a windstorm. Yikes!
5. Less is more! Very few people have the ability to have more than 10 elements in their design without the landscape losing harmony, and looking cluttered. Keep to 10 design materials ie, plants, boulders, lighting, etc. or less for a nice clean and beautiful landscape.
Keep these 5 things in mind as well as keeping your design simple, and you will have a beautiful landscape!

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